"Yet, if you are determined to gain a more complete understanding of your suffering, let's back up a bit and put things in context, so that you will at least know who shares the blame for your troubles.  You see, things were not always this way.  Let me take you back to a brief time when science was king."


"In a lab not far from here, men who were titans in their field toiled night and day to further human knowledge and understanding.  Inspired by, and aligned with the wonders of nature, instead of focused on their exploitation, there seemed to be no limit to what these men could achieve."


"My eldest brother, in particular, championed the cause of humanity.  His brightly-burning gift was set to change everything.  For that very reason, it quickly drew the wrath of a young god whose burgeoning system could be overthrown by its power."


"As a consequence, my brothers and I were made to bear unique punishments.  Epimetheus received his by way of Pandora.  My 'insolence' and 'exceeding pride' led to my banishment, but I have since adapted these circumstances to suit me.  My other two brothers met far crueler fates, as you will soon see."


As Belvedere paused, I was suddenly torn from the visions and my eyes returned to my decaying surroundings.  He then continued, "If you want to understand your part in this story, you must next seek out our middle brother."


"If there is any man, beast, or fish upon this Earth that can shed some light on the remaining pieces of this puzzle for you, it will be him."