Man.Beast.Fish had one more gift for me.  As we passed through the entrance of the island fort, he paused and said, "I hope what you've found has finally brought you some peace and closure.  I think you will be ready, now, to help us.  Take this key, and find our brother."


I knew I had found the right room when I spotted the bulb on the floor, illuminated by light from a single window.


As I approached, the bulb began to glow brighter.


The light became blinding, and the temperature climbed dramatically.  Soon, the room was virtually burning around me.


My eyes adjusted, and I began to make out a figure in the center of the room, crouched in silence with iron shackles upon his hands and feet.  I stood before a sight that was, all at once, awe-inspiring and filled with misery--Prometheus bound.


He asked no questions when I approached, as great foresight had afforded him advance knowledge of my visit.  Here was a Titan who, despite being well-aware of the nature and duration of the suffering that was to be inflicted upon him, had nevertheless chosen to act for the sake of mankind.  Now, I was in a position to participate in his liberation.  The key fit each lock, and his fetters soon lay empty on the wooden floor.