The canister was where he said it would be--buried in the earth in a place of bones at the periphery of the island.  In it, I found blueprints for projects designed to tear down the boundaries between men.


Though cryptic, he had promised me guidance in their implementation.  Despite carrying some risk, the choice was simple--I could think of nothing more vital than to help further these pursuits.


I now have a role in enacting projects designed to invoke compassion and deep consideration, free from notions that these ideas and their benefits should be limited to a specific group of people or accepted unquestionably.


Each of us navigates a unique labyrinth that holds dimensions that can only ever be fully known to us.  We should be wary of any claims another person makes as to what we shall find there.  Though others play a role in offering a thread to help lead us back out of the maze, into a familiar context, the journey inward is a personal one and can have no substitute in the predefined expectations of another.


The true adversary at the center of my struggle had been me, all along.  The depth of my suffering had been defined by fears that I'm now just beginning to understand.  Ultimately, a great deal of hard-won insight will be required for us to collectively move beyond the ways we have learned to characterize others, and interact in a way that is informed by how we are interconnected, sharing a common stem to the natural world that supports us.


This gift, a spark of knowledge designed to ignite a transformative fire, will soon be within our reach.